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Don’t Do This #1 Thing When Booking Strippers!

We understand you want to give your best man the best bachelor party ever. You want the best friends, the best food, the best drinks and with SinCal; you can book the best strippers!

When you are looking for a bachelor party venue it is important to keep the bachelor in mind and what he would love the most. The bachelor party should be an epic night or weekend of friends and fun. Do you want to spend more money on where you are staying or the entertainment you will be receiving during your stay?

Did you know that there is one crucial mistake that everyone does only once at a bachelor party? Ordering girls from a directory like Craigslist or Instagram instead of from a professional and qualified team of entertainers like SinCal Party Entertainment.

When you book strippers from Craigslist this is what can happen:

  • The girls never show up;

  • The girls are not the same as the pictures you saw (filters do wonders these days);

  • The girls show up with a scary security officer to protect them;

  • The girls get there and stay in the bathroom and never entertain you;

  • The girls do not know how to strip or have no experience;

  • The party is ruined because the girl is terrible and it will be too late to book last second on a weekend elsewhere;

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