Frequently Asked Questions

Our entertainers stay a minimum of 1 hour. That being said, as long as you and/or the party is/are participating, tipping, and being respectful, there is no time limit and they can stay as long as you would like.

We have company Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, ApplePay and we accept any card but American Express through our Merchant Service over the phone.

To book a female strip show we only require a $100 deposit per entertainer. The remaining balance owed must be paid upon the entertainers arrival. You have the option to pay the entire fee upfront but it is not a requirement.
To book a male strip show we require a $200 deposit and then the remaining balance will be due to your stripper upon arrival. 
To book any of our other services you will place 50% deposit of total amount due.

This is situational and must be discussed with management. In short, if this is due to the Agency or it’s contracted entertainers then yes the 10 years we have been in business, this has only happened a handful of times. If and when it has happened on our end, we immediately would issue refund. If the fault lies with you for whatever reason then the deposit would be garnished or considered applicable towards a future booking.

Absolutely! If you cancel your reservation with 24 hours or more of notice from the date and time of your party, your deposit can be credited to another show at a new time and or date. If you cancel the same day as your scheduled show your deposit will be garnished and you will need to place a new deposit on your next booking.

Touch is up to each entertainer and can be discussed prior to the start of your show. Every entertainer is different and their rules must be respected. Most of our girls will allow touch, but respectfully. No penetration of any kind.

We take pride in only putting real pictures and video of real girls. You will notice, if you frequent our website, that the profiles are updated regularly and this is because we only keep the entertainers that are currently working with us up on our website. Be weary of websites where the pictures look too good to be true…and pricing is low. In real life, would the most gorgeous woman you even seen come take their clothes off for you for $100 bucks? Probably not. Anyone charging $300 or less for 2 girls is cheap and you get what you pay for.

If you are booking ahead we can absolutely have you pick out a few of what your preferred entertainers are to choose from. When you give us a few options and you are booking ahead, we are normally able to make it happen for you. We also want to reassure that what we will not send is low quality and unprofessional dancers. All of our entertainers are professional and well-trained, as well as screened by us.

Unfortunately, we can not always guarantee that you will get the dancer you picked, although it is something we pride ourselves in making happen most of the time. We can however guarantee that the dancers who show will be on our website and that your party will have an amazing time. Many different factors go into this process; such as a dancers booking schedule, how far in advanced you booked, a dancers location compared to your party, and if the dancers you picked work well together. After 10 years of experience we recommend you letting us know what is important to you as far as your show goes and what qualities you are attracted to. Then let us professionals handle who we send to the show. What we don’t like is you not taking our recommendations and then complaining about your choice when you absolutely had to have it your way. Nobody knows ours entertainers like we do and with almost 5 stars we obviously care about your experience. Leave it up to us and we will guarantee that you are happy.

Most important is respect and tips. These guarantee the length and quality of show. It benefits the party and the entertainer if you have a basic metal folding chair, more specifically a chair with no arms. This makes for the best lap dances. Having a room (preferably a clean restroom) for the entertainers to get changed into when they get there and have the remaining balance ready to be paid to them prior to them starting their show. Our dancers will come with their own speaker and $1’s to exchange out for bigger bills if needed. We do recommend you having both as well.

There is no time limit but we make no commitments to booking an entertainer for “all night”.

We do not book our entertainers for a full night experience. However if you arrange that with your entertainer, that is between you and the entertainer.

Touch is up to each entertainer and can be discussed prior to the start of your show. Every entertainer is different and their rules must be respected. Most of our girls will allow touch, but respectfully. No penetration of any kind.

No. We strictly provide entertainment services only. No sexual favors or exchanges will be conducted.

For an additional $150 the dancer can bring a pressurized pole to your location. We recommend booking at least a week ahead for this.

Yes our dancers will perform toy shows but this is an additional cost that goes directly to your entertainer. It should be noted that not all entertainers are comfortable doing toy shows so check with your booking specialist when booking your dancer.

Yes! And we love when you make requests. If we don’t have an outfit we can get it as long as there is enough time for us to order it. Our entertainers have what costumes they have listed in their bio.

Our entertainers never show up in their stripper outfits unless a specific request has been made during the booking process. They show up in normal outfits and this is why they need a clean space (preferably bathroom) to get changed in once they arrive.

Our males dancers do not get fully nude. If this is something you have as an expectation, it needs to be communicated during the booking process so we can make sure to send a male that is comfortable with that.

Yes they do. As long as you and your guests are tipping and being respectful our dancers will get nude.

 To execute a higher level of professionalism, we streamline all communication from start to finish. Our entertainers will not reach out unless necessary. Once booked you will be given a direct number to communicate with your booking specialist for all your parties needs up until showtime!

 No. Our entertainers may have a driver to help them get to and from late night shows, but this person will stay in the car (performing can be exhausting and if they participate in drinking they may have a driver).

We always recommend booking a week or two in advance for party strippers. This puts the ball in your court for any specific requests you may have. For additional services such as catering, DJing or party bus services we recommend a month in advance.

Depends on the level you want your show. Here’s a baseline: Mild - $200 Wild - $500 and - $1000 you'll never see this anywhere else. Ask your booking specialist about our Secret SinCal menu.
The more you tip, the better the show will be, regardless of your entertainer.

You can always add another girl. Contact us at any time to add another dancer to your show.

This question is for your entertainer. Everyone’s rules on having their pictures taken are different. Most will not allow for pictures or videos if there is any nudity.

 We see private individuals all the time. We recommend our membership for customers who foresee themselves using our services more than once. 

We love couples! As long as the couples understand that this is entertainment services only. The entertainers are not here to provide sexual favors.

Yes as long as everyone is mutually respectful and tipping your party can be coed.

Yes we do! Although we do recommend booking in advance if you have specific requests. We can send whoever is available and can almost always accommodate same day bookings.

We prefer the dancers to be inside. It makes it easier for them to conduct their party games. Please let us know if you are planing an outdoor party so we can help make sure you have a set up that will make for a good show.

 We are open 24 hours. If you think you want a show at 3 am please let us know by 9 on a week day and 10 on the weekend. We may still answer and be able to get it booked but the later it gets the harder it is to get ahold of our entertainers if they don’t already have something booked.

We ask that everyone is over the age of 18. Children may not be present and if they are, the dancer may leave without refund. 

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